Camilla and Charles have been criticized online since ‘The Crown’

The fourth season is quite a cold shower for Prince Charles and Camilla.

British royals Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla have turned off the comments on a tweet they posted on Nov. 24. Since the series The Crown continued on Netflix with its fourth season, they receive a lot of criticism.

One of the central topics in the new season is the marriage between Charles and Diana. That marriage was doomed from the start if you believe the series, with Charles constantly cheating on Camilla. He has been married to her for several years now and is happy.

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Strong criticism

But fans of the series do not seem to give them that right away. Since the series continued with its fourth season on November 15, there has been a lot of criticism of the two. Fans sent hateful messages to the couple. That’s how you read it “Charles never deserves it” to become king.

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Other fans don’t like that Diana was treated like that. The end of the new season, in which Charles reveals his love for Parker Bowles to Diana, is especially painful to watch. “With her are my loyalty and my priorities!” he yells at her.

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