Cameron: Watching “Avatar 2” at home requires a big TV instead of watching it on a mobile phone – yqqlm

James Cameron’s new film, Avatar: The Way of Water, is currently hitting theaters, and the acclaimed director recently talked about the best ways to watch it at home.

“If you have a fairly large flat-screen TV and a good sound system at home,And you’re sitting close enough (to the screen) that you’ll have a good viewing experience. “

But Cameron also said that you should never watch the movie on your phone, or any other device with regular speakers.

“If you’re watching this movie on your phone, you’re kind of missing the point.”

So it appears that if you want to watch Avatar: Way of Water at home, a big TV and a good sound system are a must.

It is understood that“Avatar 2” has surpassed “Spider-Man: No Home” (1.921 billion) to become the sixth highest-grossing film in film history.

In addition, according to what Cameron said earlier, “Avatar 2” has already started to make money, and this also means that “Avatar 3” and even the next 4 and 5 have hope.

Cameron once said that “Avatar 3” will explore the different cultures of Pandora and the Na’vi people, and will involve the “Ash People” of the Fire Tribe, and from different angles: “So far I have only shown the good things of the Na’vi people. Aspects. The first two films were a negative human paradigm and a very positive Neville paradigm, and in Avatar 3, we will do it the other way around.”

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