Cambridge Analytica: Manipulated voters worldwide

Published over 100,000 internal records: Brittany Kaiser, former head of development at Cambrigde Analytica
Picture: AFP

Hacked Democracy? A former employee of the Cambridge Analytica data analytics company has released documents that show that the company has influenced elections worldwide on a large scale.

Dhe election scandal involving the now infamous American analytics company Cambridge Analytica, a subsidiary of the now insolvent British SLC Group, has taken on new dimensions. The Twitter account has been published since January 2 @HindsightFiles (“Hindsight” can be translated as “late viewing”) Documents that contain minutes of the conversation, emails, project documentation and studies and are intended to show that the company was involved in targeted election manipulations in 68 countries. It is said to be more than Trade 100,000 files,

Axel Weidemann

The first tweet under the hashtag # Hindsightis2020 reads: “The data analysis company SCL Group has ceased operations amid a scandal after the extensive data manipulation of its subsidiary Cambridge Analytica has been questioned in the shadow of global elections. To prevent documents from being confiscated, the company went bankrupt. It’s time to publish the documents. “

To date, dossiers on Brazil, Kenya, Malaysia, Iran and the former national security advisor to President Donald Trump, John Bolton, have been published. The Guardian reportedthat the documents came from Brittany Kaiser, a former Cambridge Analytica employee. Kaiser decided to go public after Boris Johnson won the election as prime minister. Kaiser says the documents go far beyond “what people think they know about the Cambridge Analytica scandal.”

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