Called Pain and Vomiting because of Exposure to Chinese Laser Guns, This Is India’s Answer Page all

NEW DELHI, – Military India gave an answer to the news that their soldiers were sick and vomiting at the border because they were hit laser weapons China.

Through a tweet on Twitter, New Delhi labeled two media outlets that reported, The Times and The Australian, as Fake News.

Indian Army insists that the use of based weapons microwaves it was “dataless” because there had not been any incidents on the ground.

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Local television channels NDTV even quoting a military official who argued China’s claim to use laser weapons was untrue.

“The news is just a form of a vicious and sad nerve war from China,” the official was quoted as saying by Russian Today, Wednesday (19/11/2020).

The allegations arose after an international studies expert named Jin Canrong mentioned the laser weapon to his students.

He claimed that on August 29, the Indian army was moving toward Beijing-controlled territory in Ladakh, an area located in the Himalayas.

However, according to Jin, who is a professor at Renmin University, the enemy military was expelled with weapons that “could cook them alive”.

“Within 15 minutes, those occupying the top of the hill started vomiting. They couldn’t act and fled. That’s how we took their place.

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Jin explained, the weapon heats water molecules in a way like kitchen utensils and targets the water under the skin.

In that way, he increased the pain the target would suffer, by using it from a distance of nearly a kilometer.

Jin then praised the Chinese forces who “beautifully” used microwaves to defeat India, without having to violate the use of weapons.

He continued quoted from Daily Mail, Tuesday (11/17/2020), Beijing used it because they were confronted by special forces from Tibet who sided with India.

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Firearms are prohibited under the agreement, although in September warning shots were fired, in which the two sides blamed each other.

While the US is also developing the weapon, “Panda Country” is believed to be the first country to point it at the enemy directly.

Known as the WB-1, the weapon was first displayed in 2014, and is believed to have been deployed to support the navy.

The claims made by Jin appeared amid China’s efforts and the “State of Bollywood” eased tensions in the disputed territory in Ladakh.

The two nuclear weapons states have deployed thousands of personnel since a clash using medieval equipment took place in June.

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