Called like Maudy Ayunda’s husband, Ridwan Kamil’s and Atalia’s hilarious responses make them laugh


Maudy Ayunda’s wedding has become a hotly discussed moment lately. Before Maudy’s husband was revealed, many netizen guess who the lucky man is.

In fact, not a few make jokes about Maudy Ayunda’s husband. A netizen made an upload proving the resemblance of Maudy Ayunda’s husband to West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil.

On May 22, 2022, the owner of the Twitter account @ribo** uploaded a pre-wedding portrait of Maudy Ayunda who was seen embracing her husband, Jesse Choi.

“This is ridwan kamil,” write the account.

In the next upload, a netizen named @howtodressv**** commented on the upload with stronger ‘evidence’ of resemblance.

He accompanies a screenshot of Maudy Ayunda and Ridwan Kamil’s Instagram profile photos. At that time, Maudy and Ridwan Kamil’s accounts had posted profile photos with a maroon background.

It makes their profile photos look harmonious. Not only that, Ridwan Kamil was also seen wearing a suit complete with glasses like the man in the photo pre-wedding Maudy Ayunda.

The joke seems to have reached Ridwan Kamil’s ears. He uploaded the post and commented with a tickle joke.

“Dear netizens, please do not predict things that will create speculation and the potential for inner and outer crowds. Congratulations to Ms. @maudyayunda, good luck,” wrote Ridwan Kamil on Instagram.

Ridwan Kamil’s wife, Atalia Praratya, also commented on the joke. Instead of being jealous, he actually gave a joke that was no less funny than his husband.

Atalia said she had been made curious by Maudy when she heard the news of the artist’s marriage. He even helped find out who the figure of Maudy Ayunda’s husband, Mother.

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“So yes, a lot of people are tagging and mentioning me about this post. Wihhhh… Immediately hurry up, cuss points out tea Maudy’s ig..” Atalia wrote on her Instagram account.

“It turns out that there is not a single photo that shows the face of the husband at that time. Duhhh.. Very mysterious..” he said.

Atalia continues to seek information about Maudy Ayunda’s husband. After finding it, he made a funny joke, Mother. Read on the next page.

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Also watch the video about Maudy Ayunda’s facts:

[Gambas:Video Haibunda]

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