Call the son: “Help, I ended up in Pesio, send someone or drown.” Rescued by firefighters, Alpine Rescue, 118 and Carabinieri – La Stampa

A 79-year-old woman has lost control of her “Punto” on the provincial road at Chiusa Pesio, in the hamlet of Sant’Anna, and after a jump in the void of several meters she ended up in the Pesio torrent, swollen by the rain, with the car overturned on one side swollen by the rain.

It happened today (Saturday 27 June) around 4 pm. The woman stood up in the cockpit, with her head out the window and called her son: “Help, I ended up in Pesio, send someone or I will drown here” .

The search for firefighters, carabinieri and mountain rescue has started. Once the car was located, it took over an hour to recover the pensioner. The Alpine Rescue technicians, while the current carried the utility car slightly downstream, managed to extract it from the passenger compartment, then put it on a stretcher, go up a 5-meter cliff and entrust it to the care of 118. She was taken to hospital in Cuneo, in shock but in good condition.

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