Call of the health authority: Corona case in Kitzloch in Ischgl

According to the information provided to the health authority, the person has had symptoms since December 25, 2021 and last worked in the restaurant on December 24, 2021. According to the current Covid regulations, bar operations are currently not allowed, and food and drinks may only be consumed at assigned seats.


The health authority, in close coordination with the police, conducts surveys on site with regard to the guest registration lists, in order to be able to inform all affected guests directly if necessary. In order not to lose unnecessary time and to act as quickly as possible, the health authority is making the following public appeal as a precaution and to be on the safe side:

“People who were also in the above-mentioned location between 23 and 24 December are asked to carry out a PCR test as a precaution. In addition, these people should monitor their state of health for 14 days and, as a precaution, pay more attention to hygiene and safety measures such as distance hold, wear FFP2 mask and avoid crowds. “


In order to process the fastest possible test registration for those affected by the call, a separate registration process was provided. Specifically: About Select registration for the PCR test and select “Public call / I have received the information from the authorities to contact me”.

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