Call of Duty Warzone: Are Open Bunkers Tempting the Next Black Ops?

One mystery rises, another takes its place: any good screenwriter for a TV series knows the recipe. And, apparently, the devs at work behind Call of Duty Warzone know her too. The latest patch released Tuesday (which you were talking about here) finally opened the bunkers that populate the map of Verdansk and which, until this week, remained desperately closed. It is now possible to open them using a Roug Access Carde which randomly drops when players open legendary chests (oranges). Armed with this sesame, it remains only to open the door of the said Bunker. And then ? Well, already, the most obvious: a huge pile of first class loot and a good bundle of money awaits the team which will open the underground hiding place. But there is something else.

CoD Warzone bunkers ready to be opened.

Indeed, the players were quick to notice that, in bunkers, certain doors remain closed. Mmh mystery. Perhaps a code allows to open them? Or a next update? To continue to thicken this mystery, the Bunker 11 remained closed. But clever little ones hastened to use the free roam mode to find that it was much larger than the others. And, above all, that there was a nuclear bomb. Maybe a big event coming up? A lot of players think in any case that this is a reference to the Cold War, and the arms race between the two American and Russian superpowers without mercy.

Call of Duty Warzone phones begin to debug codes in Russian.
Call of Duty Warzone phones begin to debug codes in Russian.

A cold war which, as a leak would have revealed, would be the framework for the next Call of Duty, a reboot of Black Ops aptly called Cold War. By peeling the patch files, the dataminers They also discovered the plans of a U2, these reconnaissance drones used by the Americans during this troubled period. What does it do there? We remember of course the “enemy U2 in sight” which saturated the sound space of Black Ops, that of 2010. Last mysterious (and russophile) point for the road: the telephones distributed almost everywhere in Verdansk suddenly started to ring. When we translate what a Russian says on the phone, alarm messages and series of numbers are obtained which, it seems, change regularly. Enough to feed the hype a little more around a return to Cold War.


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