Call of Duty offers an environment that fans love

We have been waiting for an unusually long time announcement of a new Call of Duty. In recent years, Activision has regularly announced a new episode in May. This year, he only walks carefully around him and is reluctant to reveal details. At the meeting with the investors, the publisher talked a little and revealed several details that confirm earlier speculations from Tom Henderson.

Call of Duty will be released in the fourth quarter of this year for the PC and both generations of PlayStation and Xbox consoles. It’s probably being prepared by the studio Sledgehammer Gameswhich is signed for Modern Warfare 3, a soft restart of Modern Warfare, Advanced Warfare and WWII.

“Our teams continue to work hard on another new premium Call of Duty, which is scheduled for the fourth quarter. We believe that the new episode will have an incredible response – from locations that our fans know and love, to an incredible amount of content that needs to be developed, including an extensive development plan. ” said a representative of Activision to investors.

“In addition to a hassle-free experience for players on both current and next-generation consoles, we focus on further integration of Warzone and establishing a direct relationship with our gaming base through an even deeper integration of content between premium and free experiences and substantial innovations that come within Warzone itself. Our teams can’t wait to present what they’re working on. “ added.

Activision President Rob Kostich later said: “The studio itself has never been bigger and stronger, now it has teams in Foster City and Melbourne and now also in Toronto. And across all game modes, across multiplayer, campaigns and collaboration, the development is going really well and we will soon share these details with the community. In terms of content, the game will be really robust in all modes at launch, and the good news for us now is that we have gone further in planning live operations to support the community after launch. The community should expect this support to be very, very important. “

“It simply came to our notice then exciting new plans for Warzoneled by Raven. Along with the premium version, we have planned some really fun and in my opinion the most important updates for the community, both in Warzone and in the premium version, which we are planning in the autumn, “ added.

This year’s Call of Duty is expected to carry subtitle Vanguard and introduces the player to World War II in the battles of Europe and the Pacific. The plot will allegedly revolve around the birth of modern Allied special forces, and there will also be a regime with zombies. In connection with this, the map in Warzone is to be changed.

The subtitle Vanguard may have been confirmed, as well as his early performance. In the official picture enticing the start of the new season in Call of Duty: Warzone a Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War we see not only a new heroine, but in the background Japanese characters. These should read “Vanguard is coming“.

The fifth season in both games starts on August 12. Previously, it was said that the new operator is called Kitsune and the new weapons are to include the TEC-9.

Activision confirmed to investors as well creation of an internal studio, which will focus on mobile versions of Call of Duty. The publisher wants to better connect mobile devices with the entire Call of Duty ecosystem and is committed to creating the best mobile games in the world. They are not afraid to label them AAA.

As early as September 2020, Activision was looking for a new executive producer. In the ad, he mentioned the development of a new mobile first-person shooter from the Call of Duty series. The ad was later deleted.

Call of Duty Mobile was released in November 2019 as free-to-play and attracted over 500 million players, while the free Warzone has more than 100 million players on consoles and PCs.



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