Call of Duty: here are the new features of Modern Warfare and Warzone season 5

Ten months after its release, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare does not slow down and continues to regularly offer a ton of new content for its multiplayer mode and its “battle royale” bent, Warzone. That does not change with the fifth season of the title, which will be online from this Wednesday!

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In doing so, Activision unveiled on Tuesday details of this most recent wave of content in the universe of Call of Duty and we have to admit that FPS regulars will have a lot to eat.

Image courtesy Activision

First, on the side of Warzone, several changes will take place on the large map of Verdansk. As disclosed earlier in a trailer, the city’s stadium will now be open to players, while you can browse its different areas, as well as its underground parking.

Image courtesy Activision

Image courtesy Activision

In addition, the interior of the Verdansk train station will also now be accessible, as will its boarding platforms.

Image courtesy Activision

In the same vein, the more adventurous can board a freight train that will circle the southwest section of the map.

Image courtesy Activision

always in Warzone, a brand new mode called Mini Royale promises to make the experience even more frenetic and chaotic.

This will plunge a smaller number of players into a clash consisting only of the first five and last five minutes of a regular game. So expect to have to constantly move and meet many soldiers as hungry as you!

Regarding the collection of weapons available in Warzone, note that this one has been revised and will offer about 80 different items of varying rarity.

Four new cards for Modern Warfare from launch

If your heart swings more on the side of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, know that you will not be left for against with season 5.

Image courtesy Activision

As of the launch of this one, four new maps will be available in the multiplayer part of the title.

Two of them, Pretrov Oil Rig and Suldal Harbor, will be accessible in the various online modes, while the other two, Livestock and Verdansk International Airport, will be reserved for Gunfight and Ground War respectively.

Image courtesy Activision

Also, a revised game mode will appear this week in Modern Warfare. This is Search and Destroy Double Down, which will take the principle of the original category, but by opposing teams, twice as large, of 12 players.

Image courtesy Activision

Later in the season, two more modes, Bare Bones and Ground War Reinforce, will also appear in the title.

Image courtesy Activision

As for those who purchase the Battle Pass subscription, they will receive with the arrival of season 5 two additional weapons, the ISO SMG and the AN-94 assault rifle, as well as the new operator Lerch, from the Shadow Company. The latter will be joined later by two other characters, Velikan and Morte.

Image courtesy Activision

Recall that season 5 of Modern Warfare and Warzone will be available in a few hours, Wednesday August 5th.

To access it, however, you will need to download a large update of several gigabytes. So free up your Internet connection for the end of the evening!

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