Call of Duty: Helicopter removed from Warzone due to glitch

Helicopters are a popular form of transportation in Call of Duty: Warzone, but they were removed with the last patch – a glitch was to blame.

Resourceful players keep discovering glitches and mistakes in Warzone from which they can profit. A particularly effective exploit has caused a stir on platforms like Reddit and TikTok in recent days. Whoever landed his helicopter at a specific point on the dam in front of the Verdansk harbor, could glitch under the map – and just keep flying there without taking any damage. The opponents recognized the flying object on the minimap and could also hear the propeller noises, but the helicopter could not be seen or attacked.

This circumstance made it possible for players to cheat under the map to win. Only gas was able to harm the pilots and passengers – as is well known, this problem can be solved with a mask. Activision didn’t officially comment on the glitch, the developer instead removed the helicopters from the game without comment. It is not yet known when the community will be able to make its rounds through Verdansk again.

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