Call Jerinx SID Dangerous, Tamara Bleszynski Asked To Meet: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The drummer for Superman Is Dead (SID), Jerinx, has been the center of attention for a long time. Especially when Covid-19 began to attack Indonesia, Jerinx’s loud voice saying that the virus was a conspiracy of the global elite was indeed often heard.

As public figures who both live in Bali, Tamara Bleszynski certainly pay attention to the movements of Nora Alexandra’s husband. Even recently, the ex-wife of Mike Lewis shared a video and said that Jerinx was an annoying and dangerous person.

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“These people are really annoying, giving away packaged rice to friends who need it !,” wrote Tamara Bleszynski in the video caption.

“It’s very dangerous for him, too much attention to others! Too good, may God take care of good and rare people like him,” he continued.

Seeing the video of Jerinx’s humanitarian action, this 45-year-old woman admits she is amazed. He even asked Jerinx to invite him to meet and invite him to attend the humanitarian action.

“So it’s clear @jrxsid invite me who is a nobody to @twice_bar,” he asked.

As is well known, Jerinx is known to have distributed free packaged rice to people in need since the beginning of June. This was even revealed directly by his wife on his Instagram account.

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Tamara Bleszinsky

“Good morning people who are said to be dangerous, I remember very well since June 4, you are distributing free food to people who need food, you are dangerous but many need you now, even though the capital is packaged rice, but it is very meaningful, from the sale of clothes. , “said Nora.

“It is proven that every day you are able to share packaged rice and vegetables etc., which sometimes people underestimate this. From you, small things to distribute rice to those who need food. Spirit, the universe is always with you. Your danger every day for rice !,” he said.

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