Call for applications to complete the Public Health Guidance and Dialogue Committee France

The governance of Public Health France is based on a founding principle of openness and dialogue with society. It is organized around four bodies: the Board of Directors, the Scientific Council, the Ethics and Deontological Committee (CED) and the Orientation and Dialogue Committee (COD). The participation of interested parties and civil society makes it possible to build new dynamics of trust and to enrich the quality of scientific work. It takes various forms (participatory approaches, consultations, surveys) that adapt to changing expectations and practices. The Steering and Dialogue Committee was established in 2016 with the creation of the Agency. Its members, belonging to civil society, are appointed intuitu personae on the basis of their profile and experience. The COD allows the agency to be attentive to its environment in order to better anticipate, understand and take into account needs and expectations, particularly within its strategy and programmatic guidelines.

Public health missions in France

Missions and activities of the Orientation and Dialogue Committee

Openness and dialogue with society, which aim in particular to include the Agency’s action in the evolution of society and to reduce the risk of ignoring or underestimating the specific concerns or knowledge of citizens and stakeholders in public health and vis-à-vis the ‘Mission Agency is one of the founding values ​​of the Agency. Therefore, since its creation in 2016, it is envisaged, among its governing bodies, that: “a Steering and Dialogue Committee open to civil society will inform the new agency on the expectations of civil society” (cf. the agency’s prefiguration report , June 20151).

The Guidance and Dialogue Committee is responsible for this2 from :

  • Contribute to the quality and relevance of the Agency’s actions by providing its insight into current and future public health issues and the societal issues they raise;
  • Propose priorities in the Agency’s areas of activity and guidelines for its annual work programme;
  • Contribute to improving the Agency’s communication methods, especially in a situation of health crisis within the guidelines defined by the Ministry of Health, as well as the conditions for the dissemination of public health knowledge to the various components of the population;
  • Issue proposals as part of the Agency’s contribution to the public debate on public health issues by making scientific knowledge available and, where appropriate, explaining the context of scientific uncertainty in which health decisions must be made.

In the three-year period 2016-2020, the committee formulated its proposals in various ways: guidelines and dialogue notes3 (NOD) made public, presentations to the Board of Directors, position papers addressed to the General Management, meetings with the President of the Board of Directors, the General Management, exchanges with the Agency’s teams on the occasion of working groups and plenary meetings.
His analysis of the Agency’s work program and activities and his proposals complement those of the Scientific Council and its opinions.

Composition of the Steering and Dialogue Committee

The Steering and Dialogue Committee is composed of a minimum of ten members and a maximum of twenty members.

The members are appointed for a period of four years by resolution of the President of the Board of Directors, subject to validation of the list of members by the Board of Directors, among personalities chosen taking into account their interest in the health of the populations, their background , their knowledge and experience in the fields of competence of the Agency and their motivation to make their contribution within a collective framework, and after having examined their links of interest, in accordance with the provisions of article L. 1451-1.

In the event of a vacant seat, for any reason, the components are replaced under the same conditions for the remaining duration of the substitute’s mandate.

The duties of member of the Guidance and Dialogue Committee are incompatible with membership in another body of the Agency and with any contractual relationship with it.

Multidisciplinary skills and sought-after professional experience

The renewal of the Openness and Dialogue Committee takes place in the framework of a multi-year work program that integrates the impact of health crises on the overall health of populations, social and territorial inequalities in health, the consequences on the health of populations of climate change, as well as the opportunities offered by digital technology to achieve the objectives of protecting the health of populations and improving their state of health, in particular through prevention.

The Agency is therefore looking for individuals from civil society who can bring to the committee and the agency:

  • Their knowledge of population health issues;
  • Their knowledge of territories, their population and their environment, and public services that contribute to population health, prevention and health promotion;
  • Their understanding and knowledge of population perceptions of health risk;
  • their knowledge and experience in creating participatory approaches;
  • Their experience of “science-society” and “science-public policy” relationships.

Operations and workload


The Steering and Dialogue Committee is convened by its President or at the request of the Director General. It meets in plenary session at least twice a year, in person or via web conference. The Committee has internal regulations which specify its working methods.

The Chairman of the Committee is elected from among its members.

The Secretariat of the Orientation and Dialogue Committee assists the President in preparing the agendas, prepares the minutes and the annual report of the Committee’s activities. It ensures that the various services of the Agency are adequately informed and involved and provides them with the information at its disposal to facilitate the work of the Committee.

The members of the Steering and Dialogue Committee can also take part in the events organized by Public Health France, in particular Public Health France Meetings, as well as discussions with the Scientific Council and the Ethics and Deontology.

Workload for members

For optimal work, the Steering and Dialogue Committee usually meets three or four times a year in plenary (face-to-face or remotely via web conference).

In addition to participating in the plenary sessions, members can be called to participate in working groups (about ten half-days a year) in person or via web conference.

Compensation, assistance

Travel and subsistence expenses are reimbursed under the conditions established for civilian staff of the State.

Compensation for loss of income in case of self-employment and compensation for time spent attending meetings and work performed will be made according to the scale established by the Board of Directors of Public Health France.

How to apply

The application file must include:

The application file must be submitted before 01/15/2023 at the following address: [email protected]

Folder selection methods

Only complete files will be considered.

Because the Agency serves the health of all, at all ages, across the globe, it wants its governing bodies, through their composition and the expertise of their members, to be able to understand all these situations.

The selection of the candidates will be carried out by a jury set up by the Agency, on the basis of the elements provided in the accompanying letter, the adequacy of the candidates with respect to the skills sought, the analysis of the links of interest. The judging panel will ensure that essential competencies are met within it to enable the committee to fully perform its duties, that equality and diversity are taken into account in the selection of applications.

The declarations of interest will be examined by the internal Ethics Committee of Public Health France.

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of the examination of their application by e-mail by the Secretariat of the Orientation and Dialogue Committee after the approval of the composition of the Committee by the Board of Directors (from April 2023).

Members will be appointed for the remaining term of office (March 2025).

[1] (pages 39-47)

[2] Decree no. 2016-523 of 27 April 2016 concerning the creation of the National Public Health Agency:

[3] subject to presentation and validation by the Board of Directors

[4] Mandatory for authentication on the ministerial portal for public declarations of interest (DPI SANTE)

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