Californian Woman Wins Millions with Crossword Scratch Card

A woman from California is now swimming in money after winning the lottery (symbolic image). Patrick Pleul/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa

She had bought a Crossword scratch card at her local donut shop in the Compton area of ​​Los Angeles. In the car in the parking lot, Ruby Evans discovered that she had won. So she went back in and wanted to collect her $2000 prize money. Except that she was then informed by the employee: “You made a mistake!” She had hit the jackpot.

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Ruby Evans won with this scratch card.
Ruby Evans won with this scratch card. California Lottery

The $20 lottery ticket requires you to scratch off the squares of a crossword puzzle. The more words that appear in white squares, the higher the win. And Evans counted 10 fields and therefore believed to have skimmed the third highest winning sum. According to a California Lottery press release, the Sweet Time donut store clerk scanned the ticket: “Imagine her shock when three more zeros appeared on the display. Evans hadn’t won $2,000, he had won $2 million.” In reality, it was the maximum 12 words that were scratched off.

Evans revealed that she won $100,000 in another scratch card game back in 2013. The millionaire hopes to use the latest win to pay off her credit card debt and mortgage on her home, and to help her two adult daughters financially. She also wants to continue playing and still only buys her tickets at the “Sweet Times” donut shop. She revealed to the lottery: “Other customers joke that I should give them a chance to win.”

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