California road pavement delivered to Villa Bonita

Mayor Javier Lamarque Cano formalized the delivery of the asphalt and concrete pavement of via California, between viale Villa Bonita and Canal Bajo, which, with an investment of over 4 million pesos, benefits 75,000 inhabitants of the north-eastern sector of the city and transit traffic.

The Mayor, upon the official delivery of the work, expressed that the resources used in this work were managed before the Contribution Fund for Municipal Social Infrastructures (FAISM), and included milling, pothole repair, 16 thousand 682 square meters of renovation of the road surface with concrete asphalt, which correspond to almost a kilometer in length, as well as road markings for the benefit of families in the neighborhoods of Villa Bonita, Alameda, Las Praderas, Hogar y Patrimonio, Nueva Esperanza, Luis Antillón and Sendero Real, as well as traffic local and on the way to the police stations of Cócorit and Esperanza.

The secretary of urban development, Leonel Acosta Enríquez, stressed that the works, which lasted about 90 days, came to improve the conditions of the road infrastructure and accelerate mobility to the north and south of the city.

Subsequently, President Lamarque Cano supervised the expansion and rehabilitation works of the 8 and 10-inch sanitary drainage infrastructure that is being built in the social security district of the Cócorit police station, in which 3 million 85 thousand pesos are invested and presents 90 percent progress, since the underground works have been completed and only the ballast and the motorization of the roads remain.

From there, he went to Jesús García y Kino street, where the rehabilitation of the cement-asphalt sidewalk of Jesús García street, between Kino and Alfonso Reyes, is underway, with an own investment of 4 million 417 thousand pesos, presents an advance 45 percentage benefiting 100,000 inhabitants of the city center sector and transit traffic.

The Secretary for Urban Development explained that, in this work, the works include milling, the repair of shallow and deep holes, the leveling of the road and the resurfacing of three and a half centimeters of

thickness in an area of ​​14 thousand 654 square meters, a work that in a second phase will extend to via Parigi.

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