California atraerá turistas con The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Can you imagine watching the movie of The Exorcist, but before this you can ask your director William Friedkin whatever you want? That will already be possible thanks to The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures recently opened in Los Angeles California.

Today Sunday Friedkin will participate in the film program of the Museum, where you can learn everything related to the seventh Art.

In an interview with MILLENNIUM, Raúl Guzman, assistant curator and museum spokesperson, affirmed that the completely renovated building has four exhibition floors, three for permanent themes and one temporary, and with all this they want to become the center of attraction for the international travelers.

According to the World Tourism Organization (IN ORDER TO) prior to the pandemic, USA was one of the three countries with the highest number of arrivals foreign visitors, with 79 million in 2020, but due to the pandemic it dropped to 19 million to be among the top ten places.

Guzman explained that “The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures it is an important center encompassing and presenting the entire history of cinema. The Angels It has never had a museum like this and I think that for a city that is known for its history of the seventh art, it was necessary to have it. We are opening at a very suitable time to be able to present everything related to this activity ”.

Reiterated that the goal is to have a museum of international caliber, “Let it be a place where people from Mexico and from all over the world want to come to see exhibitions of filmmakers who have an international audience ”.

According to the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur), The Angels, a city with a population greater than 3.9 million inhabitants, it is the one with the most Mexicans in USA And its economy is very powerful, which is why it is of utmost importance to the travel sector.

Based on information from the government of ME, California is ranked as the fifth most powerful economy in the world, in addition to being the region of ME that sends more tourists to Mexico.

Another of the great experiences we have in The Academy Museum of Motion , said the interviewee, is a gallery called the experience of the Oscar, where participants can walk in and feel as if they are in the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles and go to a very similar stage to receive one of the statuettes.

Visitors will be able to learn all the history of the world cinema, in addition to gradually getting to know his favorite filmmakers such as the Spanish Pedro Almodovar, who has the honor of being the first on the list.

A specific installation was created in the museum for this filmmaker, where we selected 12 topics important to him such as film noir, bodies and religious education, which can be seen through various montages, he said. Guzman.

“Visitors can navigate in this space, meet the muses that have influenced them and the different stages of their film career. We will have these kinds of experiences with all the famous filmmakers in the world; there will always be something different for the public ”, said the curator of Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

For Guzman, the museum will have a high potential to not only attract travelers from Mexico but from all over the world, from Latin America until Europe and Asia.




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