Cali reports an increase in Covid-19 cases in children and adolescents

A man is subjected to a rapid test for COVID-19 in a market place in Cali, Colombia. EFE / Ernesto Guzmán Jr / Archive

According to the Ministry of Health, the figure exceeds 5,500 assets, at a time when Mayor Jorge Iván Ospina announces a red alert for UCIS occupation in the city.

Further, the number of minors between the ages of 0 and with Covid-19 during the time of the pandemic reaches 2,000 cases 24 minors are reported by health authorities and under medical observation at the Hospital Universitario del Valle.

The Ministry of Health reported that the incidence of cases occurs in the age range of 17 to 25 years, which is where the highest number of infections is located.

For the above, Maria Cristina Lesmes, head of this portfolio, highlighted the importance of self-care, as the first measure to stop contagion. In statements to Time He said that it is time to stop thinking that Covid-19 only occurs in adults, given the unusual increase in the child and youth population of Cali.

It was thought that children did not get sick from Covid, but now we see that they do and the proof of this is the 24 minors who are hospitalized, of these, five are in an ICULesmes added.

File: The fighter Jackeline Renteria is tested for COVID-19 in a campaign by the Cali mayor's office to encourage citizens to take the test, EFE / Ernesto Guzmán Jr.

File: The fighter Jackeline Renteria is tested for COVID-19 in a campaign by the Cali mayor’s office to encourage citizens to take the test, EFE / Ernesto Guzmán Jr.

Red alert would affect Christmas celebrations in La Sultana del Valle

In that sense, the announcement by Mayor Jorge Iván Ospina to announce a red alert that would restrict citizen mobility for the holidays of December, was published on his Twitter account in the early hours of December 15, 2020:

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Our health situation as a result of the covid and the burden of disease represented by the closure of services during the quarantine is really difficult. Caleña community, what is in danger is the lives of many, for this reason we will escalate to red alert. We will have restrictions

The increase in infections coincides with the saturation of the hospital system: since December 14 the beds occupied by patients with Covid-19 reached the 90%, with which the city surpasses Bogotá, which has also recommended voluntary isolation to stop contagion.

Expected measurements like general or sectorized curfewsDepending on the incidence of cases, they will tend to curb the virus, but they will also be social sanctions, since civility, it seems, has been lost in times of pandemic.

According to the mayor himself in the media, social distancing has been broken, especially in shopping centers and in the center of Cali, in addition to the citizen neglect in the use of face masks, the first element of personal protection against the virus.

These measures, which mean the escalation from orange to red in terms of alerts, had an advance when the same mayor prohibited the opening of doors and public access to the first match of the final of the Betplay League between América de Cali, the team of which he is fan, and Santa Fe, scheduled for next December.

Cali, along with Cúcuta, are two of the five cities and regions of Colombia that have implemented atypical shock measures for the December season, due to the increase in infections and the collapse of their health systems.

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According to the Ministry of Health, the list in the country is headed by Bogotá with 1,974 positive cases, followed by Antioquia (1,602), Valle del Cauca (735), Tolima (639), Atlántico (593), Cundinamarca (540) , Santander (360), Bolívar (306), Risaralda (264), Meta (255), Quindío (209) and Norte de Santander (189).

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