Calcio: Udinese vs Atalanta, result, goals Muriel and Zapata, details | Other Soccer Leagues

All the spicy was put by Colombia: Atalanta achieved a key 2-3 victory against Udinese, with goals from Duván Zapata and Luis Muriel, in a night of total inspiration, of a happiness that is celebrated in Italy but much more on this side of the world.

The account would be opened by Duván himself, in a play in his style after 9 minutes, adjusting the body for a precise definition that put the partial count 0-1.

Unfortunately, a mistake behind Atalanta allowed Udinese to draw, who risked and found a reward after 30 minutes, in a Lasagna arrival at 31.

Atalanta was saved when Lasagna wanted to bathe the goalkeeper at 37 but his attempt was barely above, but the answer would come a minute later thanks to Papu Gómez, who in time diverted the goalkeeper to the corner kick, the one who did not find Shoe.

But the party lacked a bit more Colombian flavor and that was how Muriel came to the party for the complement and with him the inspiration.

Just when Atalanta was having the hardest time, the Atlantic waved his magic wand: at 71 he took a free kick from the manual, one of those that half of Europe talks about when others charge: Spectacular location on the right corner, which did not reach the archer or jet. Phenomenal!

And at 79 a new dose: from outside he took the ball on the fly and released a riflazo that at this time he has surely not seen the Udinese goalkeeper coming. Pepazo!

Atalanta wanted to close and manage the advantage but on the hour he discounted Lasagna for the 2-3 that Udinese celebrated.

Tremendous triumph and flavor, a lot of Colombian flavor for an Atalanta that does not give up, that in attack is lethal.


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