Caja Rural Granada renews its website to offer a more digital service and closer to its customers

Caja Rural Granada is a financial institution whose objective is to bring its local banking closer to citizens. Its effort is focused on ensuring that all clients, individuals, companies of any size, cooperatives, entrepreneurs and freelancers, find a financial solution for each situation, personal or business.

Its new commercial website,, is a reflection of the new forms of communication and customer service through digital channels, also reinforcing the service offered in offices and at the call center.

Caja Rural Granada customers will enjoy a renewed user experience, not only due to the redesign of the commercial website, but also due to the incorporation of new functionalities such as simulators and recommenders of personalized products and services.

To facilitate information and allow citizens to carry out simulations from the comfort of their home, office or anywhere, the Caja Rural Granada website offers a simulator tailored to each need. In this way, the person who is interested in knowing the financing possibilities, without having to be a client of the Entity, will be able to select a specific simulator to buy a house or the one related to personal loans to buy a vehicle, carry out a reform or carry out studios, among other motivations. In a few simple steps, you can calculate the monthly payment of a mortgage or a personal loan.

In addition, another of the digital tools, which are offered on the new commercial website of Caja Rural Granada, is a simulator of periodic contributions in investment funds. In this case, the user himself has the possibility to check the expected return on his investment based on his risk profile, the capital invested and the terms chosen for the investment.

The wide variety of financial products and services offered has given way to a series of digital recommenders, with which, for example, you will be able to find out the credit and debit cards recommended for your needs. Or, in the case of businesses and freelancers, the different POS terminals available for their businesses depending on their type and main requirements.

Information for different vital moments

At Caja Rural Granada, different relevant milestones have been worked on in people’s lives, such as the moment in which they want to start a business, expect a child or want to prepare the processing of an inheritance. These are transcendental moments in the lives of citizens, whether in their personal life or in their professional life, who may need and benefit from services and products offered by this financial institution.

In addition, Caja Rural Granada enables different channels so that the client can send their requests, queries and doubts from the website itself. In the same way, thanks to the user experience, an information page has been generated with the main solutions that a customer may need urgently, such as what to do if he loses the card or if he has an incident at an ATM withdrawing cash.

Digital Plan: #CONECTAmos

Bringing innovation and technology to the service of the customer who is the center of the business. That is the objective of Caja Rural Granada’s Digital Strategy Program. A plan which focuses on satisfying the digitization needs of the Entity’s clients.

The strategic vision on which the plan is materialized is based on the fact that current clients operate and contract, indistinctly, through digital channels and in person in offices, and therefore it is necessary to have the necessary means to offer a Comprehensive and complete user experience, both in physical and digital channels. #CONECTAmos is a commitment to its clients to preserve the closeness that characterizes the relationships of the Entity’s professionals with the people around them, now relying on the advantages offered by technological innovation.



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