Caixinha reappears and accuses that Peláez wanted to ‘take over’ Cruz Azul

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Mexico City / 02.25.2020 23:08:09

Pedro Caixinha reappeared this Tuesday five months after his dismissal at Cruz Azul and criticized Ricardo Peláez with everything, then sports director of the club and who accused of trying an “assault on power.”

First it was an assault on the power of the sports director. He never accepted very well the way we work and the proximity we had with the structure (Billy Álvarez). He never accepted that what was being implemented was our own project, “he said in an interview for the newspaper Tribuna Expresso.

El Forcado, who was thanked on September 2, 2019, stressed that the Machine “returned to the past”, referring to the reappearance of Víctor Garcés and Alfredo Álvarez, Billy’s brother, on the board.

“A second point was a return to the past in terms of the club, on political issues. A brother-in-law of the president (Garcés) and his brother (Alfredo) return, from the moment they return they make the decision to expel me. I go out and the sports director ends up leaving too, “he said.

Caixinha’s balance in Cruz Azul

Pedro Caixinha arrived at the Machine for the Clausura 2018. After not qualifying the Liguilla in their first tournament, at the Opening of that same year – with Peláez already in the board – they reached the Final, losing it to America on the Azteca Stadium court.

Total, the Portuguese led 86 games to Cruz Azul in all tournaments, leaving a balance of 40 wins, 25 draws and 21 losses, an effectiveness percentage of 56 percent.



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