Cairo University: A treatment protocol for two drugs on the market may help treat corona

Cairo University spokesperson, Mahmoud Mahmoud El-Din said, “We have been for several months with the beginning of the emergence of the Corona virus, Cairo University is conducting research and experiments to find a cure for this virus, indicating that there is a therapeutic protocol that came out of Cairo University to two real estate agents present in the market and they were presented to the Ministry of Health, and if proven Their effectiveness Clinical trials on this protocol will be conducted.

Alam Al-Din continued, during a telephone conversation on the DMC evening program broadcast on the channel Extra News, presented by Rami Radwan, a journalistREMDIVIVIR is currently being tested in Japan, indicating that the research team at Cairo University has finished preparing an integrated database on the Corona virus vaccine.

On the other hand, Dr. Mahmoud Alam El-Din, the official spokesman for Cairo University, has announced that the Committee for Surveillance and Infection Control at the University Hospitals has identified the number of contacts of Dr. Atef Shaker, Dean of the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, who have been confirmed in the emerging Corona Virus as a benefit of 19, in light of Precautions against the virus.

Dr. Alam Al-Din said that the infection control committee monitored 31 of those who were in contact with the dean of doctors and workers, and that the smear proved negative samples for all contacts, except for one case that proved positive and infected with Corona virus, Dr. Issam Aziz, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine for Community Service and Environmental Development, Which was referred to the French palace Al-Ain Hospital dedicated to the isolation of faculty and university staff.

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