Cai Xukun interprets FILA and Mihara Kangyu’s new joint shoes

Original Title: Cai Xukun interprets FILA and Mihara Kangyu’s new joint shoes | PR Newswire

Earlier, a century of sports fashion in ItalyBrandFILA and Japanese pioneer designer Mihara Yasuhiro Mihara Yasuhiro released a new joint FILA x Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO FM7 shoes. FILA’s century-old classic sports DNA and Mihara Yasuhiro Mihara Yasuhiro’s free and innovative fashion philosophy are mixed and catalyzed, exploring the perfect balance in the fusion of classics and innovations, and newly defining future trends.

FILA x Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO FM7 is the latest cross-border collaboration between FILA and Mihara Yasuhiro. The designer draws inspiration from the day and night of Tokyo city that has witnessed the inspiration and desire of countless people, looking for order and freedom in black and white, and exploring time. Infinite possibilities with space boundaries.

The FILA x Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO FM7 series adheres to the designer’s minimalist design concept, displaying futuristic urban creativity.The upper structure created by the mix and match of high-end natural leather and retro mesh fully demonstrates the designer’s vision for the future of the city.fantasy; The large-particle wave-dot outsole and punching design have super visual tension; the three-dimensional neckline shape of the leather material is combined with the high-quality texture of the natural top layer of cowhide, full ofCreativityAnd explosive power; the sock-like mouth design is very easy to put on and take off, and the covering of the special-shaped tongue soft cushion adds to the comfort; these playful design features together create this unique trendy single product, as Designer Yasuhiro Mihara said: “I alwaysDesign innovationStyle; I will continue to make the design I want. “

The renewed cooperation between FILA and Mihara Yasuhiro Mihara Yasuhiro reflects FILA’sproductThe exploration and pursuit of co-branding with cross-border, while enriching and broadening the products, will bring the fashion of top designersCognitionInject brand classic products with aesthetics, achieve integration and innovation on the classics, and maximize the value of cross-border joint names.

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