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Cahors. The youngest and minimum athletes in peak in Albi

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Seventeen athletes from Cahors Athlétisme took part on Sunday 6 June in Albi in the junior and minimal points of gold sector championships. During this competition, each athlete participates in three events: a race, a jump and a throw (for the youngest), and a race and two competitions for the minims (jump or throw of your choice). This competition, which took place in beautiful and warm weather, corresponds to a first round of brewing at the regional level. The region has been divided into sectors.

With track and field competitions having been suspended since March 2020, the athletes were really eager to face off against athletes other than those at the club. Especially since Cahors Athlétisme was able to maintain throughout the year, and this despite the confinement and the curfew, two weekly sessions for all the young categories. More than half of the club’s licensees from these two categories came, proof of great motivation. Here are the results :

In youngest (59 participants): Sarah Gineste 4th (winner of the height test); Naïs Bourbigot, 6th (winner over 50 m hurdles); Manon Gardes 47th.

As little girls (67 participants): Ronise Wurfel 14th (winner of the height), Emma Carneiro 19th, Clara Delsouc 20th, Rachel Couderc 26th, Noa Moerman 28th, Léna Machemie 35th (2nd in the 80m race), Cérenna Roux-Garcia 56th.

In youngest (64 participants):

Joris Arnagol-Mostrey 2nd (winner over 50m, 2nd in length and weight); Timéo Bros 16th; Colas Avila 35th; Samuel Merle, 38th; Lino Discala 53rd.

In little boys (44 participants): Baptiste Gamba 6th (3rd over 80 m, winner of the height); Marc-Antoine Sarrus 32nd; Adam Guilbert: 33rd.

Thanks to all these performances, several Cadurciens athletes qualified for the regional final of the golden points, on June 20 in Castres, where only forty athletes per category will be selected for the Occitanien. The performances achieved also count for qualification for the individual events; the regional championships in Occitanie will take place on June 27 in Vergèze in the Gard.

Those who are interested in joining Cahors Athlétisme next year are welcome for one or two discovery sessions: contact Stephan Merle at 06 83 58 44 25 or via Facebook.

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