Cagliari, health strike on November 25: “For the right to health and care for all patients”

Presidium from 11 at the Brotzu square. On November 25, the Healthcare strikes: brotrzu, the same must identify extra economic resources and regulate all organizational factors with the integration of all the necessary professional figures. We need investments, permanent hiring and security. Every day that passes, the reasons for the strike of the Public Health, ASPs and IPABs called by USB for Wednesday 25 November are proving to be more and more founded ”.

Therefore, the USB union, through the regional contact person Gianfranco Angioni, triggers a sensational agitation: “Every day that passes confirms the need and urgency to represent the anger and bitterness of health workers – reads the note from the union – sacrificed once more on the altar of the fight against the pandemic. It is the news that daily reiterates, in a merciless way, the shortage of personnel, the suffering of hospitals not only in terms of beds, the inconsistency of local medicine. All this because in the months in which the virus seemed to be in retreat, a few simple things were not done that would have prevented the National Health Service from falling into the dramatic current condition. Stable and massive hiring of personnel, the strengthening of territorial medicine and prevention and tracing activities, the recovery of beds would have been sufficient. There was, evidently, the lack of political will to change pace, confirmed by the draft of the Budget Law 2021: the funding of the NHS for the execution of swabs by general practitioners and pediatricians in free choice, contracts are made with resident doctors and hiring of health personnel, but all strictly in the name of precariousness. That is, the recruitment of doctors, nurses and OSS with self-employment contracts of no more than six months is culpably and scientifically extended, once the impossibility of drawing on the competition rankings has been verified, knowing full well that active rankings are a rare commodity. Access to supplementary SSN funding is also linked to the signing of bilateral agreements between regions, aimed at eliminating health mobility. In practice, it prevents those who need it from taking care of themselves in the most appropriate way. Last but not least, only crumbs or even nothing for the staff. A total gross indemnity of € 335 million is envisaged for nurses to be allocated to collective bargaining. Considering that there are approximately 270,000 pediatric nurses and pediatric nurses in public health, the recognition heralded as a great victory by the corporate nursing unions will amount to about 2 euros net per day. Yet another joke, a sop in the face of unacceptable working conditions. It is even worse for the rest of the staff who, despite actively participating in the fight against the pandemic, in particular OSS and technicians of the health professions, have not earned even the honor of a summons in the field. On 25 November, the staff of the Healthcare will also strike that of the School, of the Educational Services and of the local public transport. They are essential sectors of the public service which, although interacting daily, have not been the subject of integrated planning nor have they been secured, becoming areas of transmission of the virus and highlighting during the pandemic all the limits of the management entrusted, in part, to the private and savings-oriented. With the strike of November 25th, USB claims investments, stable hiring, security and a new role for the state in the management of essential public services ”.

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