Cabinet wants to keep people with long covid employed for longer

The cabinet wants to accommodate healthcare employees with lung covid. Minister Helder for Long-term Care has announced a subsidy scheme to keep these people in service for longer.

Many people in care continued to work at the beginning of the corona crisis, without much knowledge about the virus. Often they have contracted long covid, a disease that can be accompanied by severe fatigue, concentration problems and dizziness. They risk having to apply for disability benefits after two years of illness. It is believed to be thousands of healthcare workers.

‘People desperately needed’

The trade unions FNV and CNV previously insisted on a fund to accommodate this group. Helder now wants to encourage employers to let employees with long covid keep their job for at least six months longer. Employers can receive subsidies for this. The scheme has yet to be worked out.

The minister says that the cabinet wants to express appreciation for this group with this regulation. “And we really need these people, either in their own position or in another role.”

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