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Cabinet wants member states to decide on EU gas emergency plan | Inland

Last week, the European Commission proposed a 15 percent gas saving target for each member state. In the first instance, this is voluntary and the Member States have a lot of freedom to determine themselves how they achieve that goal.

In the event of an emergency, for example if the gas supply stops or the demand rises sharply, the committee wants to be able to intervene via a so-called Union Alert. Member States should then be able to be obliged to take certain measures to reduce demand.

Many Member States share concerns

The government believes that this power does not belong to the European Commission, but to the European Council in which all governments are represented. The Netherlands is not alone in this, says Jetten. ‘Very many Member States’ share concerns about how the Union Alert can be invoked.

EU energy ministers will meet in Brussels on Tuesday to discuss the proposal. According to Jetten, the majority of the member states at least seem to support its principles.

As far as the government is concerned, the savings target could have been slightly higher than 15 percent. The Netherlands itself has already reduced its gas consumption by about a quarter this year compared to 2021. As a result, dependence on Russia has also decreased considerably.

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