Cabinet restricts amateur sports, group size further limited

The cabinet is restricting amateur sport and will further limit the permitted group size. Amateurs over the age of 18 are no longer allowed to sport in a team. Those are two of the measures that the cabinet will announce tomorrow evening, sources from The Hague tell the NOS.

There may be a maximum of 30 people in indoor areas. Until now there were exceptions, but they will expire. It is still unclear what will apply to what the cabinet calls ‘transfer locations’, such as museums and large shops. Outside groups of four are allowed to come together.

The cabinet is also thinking of only allowing travel by public transport if it is strictly necessary. The intention is to drastically limit social traffic in order to reduce the sharp increase in the number of corona infections.

Amateur sports are all sports with participants over the age of 18, where no one and a half meters distance can be kept. It concerns all contact sports, tennis for example would still be possible. By shutting down competitions, travel movements are limited. Professional sports are excluded.

There will also be further restrictions for the catering industry, which are not yet clear.

Tomorrow press conference

Tomorrow at 7 p.m. there will be a press conference between Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge. Yesterday Prime Minister Rutte and a large part of the ministerial team met at the Catshuis to discuss the increasing number of corona infections.

The number of corona infections in the Netherlands has been increasing for weeks. In recent days, an average of 5,541 positive tests were reported per day, compared to 3,469 a week earlier. 6,378 confirmed corona cases were added yesterday, today 6,854.

There are currently 1,298 patients with covid-19 in the hospital, 252 of whom are in intensive care.

Also today there are consultations about the corona crisis. For example, scientists and experts from the OMT met earlier to prepare a new corona advice for the cabinet, and the Security Council will meet tonight. The mayors of the 25 security regions and Minister Grapperhaus are meeting in Utrecht about the corona measures.

‘Brace yourself’

Ministers of Public Health and Justice, among others, met today for further consultation with Prime Minister Rutte. Afterwards, Minister de Jonge said that we “have to brace ourselves” for additional measures.

“Tomorrow there will be more clarity,” said Minister Grapperhaus. “We have to put it together carefully now.” Minister Van Ark of Public Health also expressed her concerns about the latest figures. “I really would like us all to comply with the measures. Only with our behavior can we fight the virus.”

Click here to see what Minister De Jonge says about the increasing number of infections.

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