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News | 05-10-2022 | 16:22

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) sent the political vision on sexual health to the Chamber of Deputies today. With this political vision, the government wants to better promote, protect and map sexual health in the Netherlands.

Sexual health and sexual behavior are important parts of a person’s mental and physical health and well-being. It’s about being able to take control of your sexuality on your own. Sexual health is therefore more than the absence of sexual diseases or problems. It requires good information, care and support and a social context in which there is room for a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships.

Strategic goals

The cabinet pursues 2 strategic objectives with the political vision. First, that the Dutch are so knowledgeable that they themselves are able to make choices about their sexual health and respect the choices of others. This concerns enjoyable, voluntary and safe sex, protection against sexually transmitted diseases and HIV, and the prevention of sexual violence and unwanted pregnancy. The second goal is that the Dutch always have access to appropriate, affordable and high-quality (sexual) health care and facilities. And that they receive advice, support and protection in an easily accessible way regarding requests for help and problems related to their sexual health, including sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.


As there is currently an incomplete picture of sexual health in the Netherlands, the government is focusing on improving monitoring. Sexual health will be further promoted by reducing sexual health inequalities, such as fighting knowledge deficits or promoting the ability to indicate one’s desires and boundaries between groups in a vulnerable position.

In addition, the cabinet is committed to improving the sex education of young people and making sexual health and sexuality a topic of discussion in care and wellbeing relationships. The promotion of sexual health is a form of promoting a healthy lifestyle, for which municipalities also have an important responsibility. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport will discuss this with the municipalities. The government will also continue its efforts to fight sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.

The Netherlands is one of the first countries where it is possible to reach 0 new HIV infections per year by providing HIV preventive care through the temporary PrEP program. The approach also focuses on improving sexual health in the BES Islands.

Various holidays

This political vision and spearheads have been developed with input from various parties in the sexual health field, such as RIVM, GGD-GHOR Nederland and various GGD, Rutgers and Aidsfonds – Soa sexual health coordination centers (CSGs). Aids Netherlands.

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