Cabinet is earmarking 200 million to limit rent increases

The cabinet wants to reduce the landlord levy for social rental housing by 200 million euros. According to sources from The Hague, the cabinet wants to come out with this on Prinsjesdag. The idea behind it is that if the housing associations have to pay less tax, they have more room to accommodate tenants who are in financial trouble due to the corona crisis.

Yesterday, figures from the CBS showed that tenants have been paying an average of 2.9 percent more rent since 1 July of this year than a year earlier. This is the largest increase since 2014. The opposition in the House of Representatives is furious about this and accuses the cabinet of paying too little attention to the situation in which many tenants find themselves. A large part of the Chamber believes that rents should be frozen,

In Question Time in the House of Representatives, Minister Ollongren emphasized that there are many differences between tenants: according to her, there are people who can pay the rent, but there are also tenants who get into trouble.

She said that she has an eye for people who live in social housing and pay a rent that is too high in relation to their income and that she will come up with measures to accommodate this group on Budget Day. But she wouldn’t say how yet. “I find it unfortunate that I am here a week before Budget Day and have to talk a little with flour in my mouth, but it is no different.”

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