Cabinet: event sector may be allowed to experiment | Inland

This is the result of a meeting that the sector had on Wednesday with State Secretary Keijzer (Economic Affairs) and Ministers Grapperhaus (Justice), Van Ark (Medical Care) and Van Engelshoven (Culture). The sector is hit hard by the corona crisis. Due to the measures, the industry is almost completely flat.

In a search for what is possible, the industry would like to test different types of events. The difference lies in, for example, activities indoors or outdoors, or events that are naturally quiet or exuberant. The cabinet has promised that it will submit the plans to RIVM.


“In a short time, the sector has laid down a solid plan to organize events safely and responsibly,” a spokesman for Keijzer complimented. “Perspective is important for this sector.” But whether it will soon lead to more options for events is still the question. The spokesperson also points out that the current corona measures are necessary. And whether there will be more space also depends on how the spread of the corona virus develops.

Minister Van Ark has in turn promised that the sector may participate in the investigations into rapid tests. They could show within fifteen minutes whether someone has corona. The first variants of the test have now been approved.

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