cabaret managers and pyrotechnicians lose a crucial evening

In the spotlight, emptiness and silence. For the first time in 23 years of opening, a Bordeaux cabaret (Gironde) will not celebrate on December 31. A year ago, the artists were rehearsing on stage. In the kitchen, 6,300 scallops were roasted. “It’s the most important evening in terms of turnover with us, it is almost 250,000 euros of turnover that we do on a single evening, so these are not evenings that you need miss“, regrets Alexandre Duvollet, director of the L’Ange Bleu cabaret.

The evening is usually crucial for Eric Morisset, fireworks in the Indre-et-Loire. Like every year, 20 fireworks were planned, but everything was canceled. “It’s not normal at all, and it makes us feel a little nervous“, worries the professional. In total, 80% of its turnover has been shattered this year, so we must plan events for 2021 despite the doubts. The company now depends on state aid.

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