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Associated with an increase in breast cancer Associated with a decrease in breast cancer Factors Discarded * CPG Quick Reference Guide CPG Family history (2-fold increase in risk for each 1st degree relative) Being a known carrier of the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes Age (progressive increase in risk after age 40) Stage I and II breast cancer (Algorithm 5, 6, 7, and 8) There are 2 well-established surgical procedures for the treatment of stage I and II breast cancer and these They are: 1) Conservative surgery, which includes tumor removal with a margin of normal tissue with preservation of the breast 2) Radical mastectomy. GPC-2013-19 The regulations of our country in relation to mammography as an instrument for early detection of breast cancer in women without symptoms recommend its performance every two years after 50 years of… http: // www .breastcancerprevention.org / P2_inelig_1.asp http://www.cancer.gov/bcrisktool/Default.aspx breast cancer monitoring and rehabilitation | Guide No. T am iz a je deccncerdema P ac e n te 7 4 years Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer in Second and Third Level of Care 3 ICD-10: C50X Malignant Tumor of Breast CPG: Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer in Second and Third Home August 26, 2015 August 1, 2019 WebMaster External consultation, GPC 1er. Prevention, screening and timely referral of suspected cases of breast cancer at the first level of care.


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