By reducing the price, Ventspils City Council will repeatedly try to auction its tenth part of FC “Ventspils” – Football Virsliga – Football


No bidders applied for the first auction, which was scheduled for July 8.

The number of municipal capital shares to be sold is 898 capital shares or 11.225% of the share capital.

The selling price in the second auction is 63,892 euros, which is 20% lower than in the first auction. The application for the auction is until August 5 at 4 p.m. Applications for participation in the auction together with a document certifying payment of a security deposit of 6389 euros or 10% of the starting price of the second auction must be submitted to Ventspils City Council or sent to the e-mail address “[email protected]”, signed with a secure electronic signature.

The auction will take place on August 7 at 3 pm in Ventspils City Council.

The City Council has concluded for several reasons that the local government’s participation in the capital company should not be continued and the shares owned by the City Council should be sold.

The City Council explains that such a decision was made after assessing the return from the municipality’s participation in the football club “Ventspils”, as well as the fact that the City Council does not have the opportunity to influence decisions and voting results at company meetings, as it has a minority influence. The decision is also based on the administrative costs incurred by the local government in participating in the meetings of the shareholders of the capital company, reviewing their materials and the requirements of the State Administration Structure Law and the Law on Management of Capital Shares and Capital Companies.

According to “” information, SIA “Futbola kluba” Ventspils “” owns 50.09% of shares in SIA “Ventspils futbola sabiedrība”, 34.31% of shares are owned by SIA “VK Tranzīts”, 11.23% of shares – Ventspils to the City Council, 2.5% – JSC “Kālija parks” and the remaining 1.88% of the shares are owned by JSC “Ventspils prekybos osta”. Adlan Shishhanov, a Russian citizen, is registered as the real beneficiary.

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In 2018, the turnover of the football club was 1,321,649 euros, profit – 123,562 euros. Last year’s financial figures have not yet been made public. The company employs 50 people.

The State Revenue Service (SRS) has revealed the payment of envelopes in large amounts in the football club “Ventspils”. Therefore, criminal proceedings have been initiated and several searches have been carried out in the premises and places of residence related to the football club “Ventspils”.

TV3 reported that in this case, the status of the person against whom criminal proceedings had been instituted was appropriate for the president of the football club “Ventspils” Chisinau, former club director Andrei Butrik, club manager Nikolai Djakkin and financial director Sergei Usačev, accused of similar crimes in Moldova.

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