By no means a Christmas file within Vivaldi

The MR does not accept the ‘njet’ of Prime Minister De Croo for extra Christmas relaxation. But the debate is moving away from the cameras.

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) was formal yesterday: there will be no relaxation of the corona measures in view of the end-of-year period (DS December 1). The preconceived calendar to relax at the earliest January 16 will be maintained.

That was a blow to the French-speaking liberals of the MR, who had requested an additional mid-term evaluation on December 15. Yesterday, the MR showed some understanding for De Croo’s cautious attitude, but the French-speaking liberals are not disarmed, The standard off the record at party sources.

“We maintain that two to four extra contacts at Christmas is not an unreasonable requirement if the figures continue to improve in the same way.”

Oil on the fire

The fact that SP.A chairman Conner Rousseau suggested this week that ‘the MR approach’ is responsible for the second corona wave, added fuel to the fire. The MR does not accept that she is portrayed as an irresponsible party that plays a solo smart. ‘The CD&V and the PS have also suggested an extra social concession. It can mean a lot to single people. We are not alone. ‘

Yet the French-speaking liberals also realize that the discussion is now best conducted internally, within the federal government. Normally, former minister Denis Ducarme (MR) Frank Vandenbroucke would interpell in the House today, but the party is considering whether that is useful this morning. By pushing the matter further, she is in danger of being blocked.

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Moreover, the discussion threatens to be confused with a call to ignore the measures themselves. The MR was very bored with yesterday the statements of Patrick Lecerf, mayor of the municipality of Hamoir in the province of Liège. He had said that, against the current rules, he would invite all his children and grandchildren to Christmas. MR Chairman Georges-Louis Bouchez whistled Lecerf back. All rules must be followed, but that does not mean that the MR is closing the debate on it.


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