by decision of the Mayor of New York, Irving will now be able to play Nets matches at home

New York Mayor Eric Adams has decreed an exception that allows unvaccinated athletes to operate in venues in “his” city.

And in the end, it’s Kyrie Irving who wins… Without having given up on his positions against the anti-Covid vaccine, the Nets player will now be able to play at the Barclays Center for his team’s home matches. Mayor of New York, Eric Adams officially announces this Thursday the establishment of an exemption for artists / athletes in a speech at Citi Field. Clearly, the one nicknamed “Uncle Drew” can now play all Brooklyn matches, and not just those outside of “NYC”. However, there are still restrictions for Canada and Toronto. A decision that will also apply to other franchises in New York.

«It’s awesome, of courseNets coach Steve Nash said before the news became official. “It would be great for us to have Kyrie available for all of our matches. That said, it’s not really in our control, so we’ll leave the Mayor and wait patientlyadded the former Canadian MVP. A patience which was therefore rewarded for the native of Melbourne, while Mr. Adams explained until recently that this kind of exception would amount to “send a bad messageto the rest of the city.

Good for service from Sunday

Kyrie Irving, 30, has always refused to go through the vaccine box. A decision that earned him to be dismissed by his franchise at the start of the season. Over the matches, injuries and underperformance, the Nets agreed to put the former Cleveland point guard back into play, only for away games. In the end, the interested party played 19 games with Brooklyn in 2021-22, with 28.5 points, 4.6 rebounds and 5.5 assists on average, and missed 54. Brooklyn, current eighth Eastern Conference standingswho is still waiting to see his latest recruit, Ben Simmons (ex-76ers)make his debut under his colors.

One thing is certain: three weeks before the play-offs, this news comes at the right time for the Nets, labeled big favorites in the East at the start of the season and who have struggled to assume this status since, in particular because of the injuries of some. and others, of James Harden’s trade along the way and of course back and forth from Kyrie. This last question is settled. It’s already that. The Olympic (2016) and world champion (2014) could make his big debut at the Barclays Center in 2021-22 on Sunday, against Charlotte.

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