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BVB: That’s what Youssoufa Moukoko told the referee after his first Bundesliga goal

Youssoufa Moukoko is the youngest Bundesliga player in history and has already scored for BVB. His first goal was very special for him.

In the documentary “BVB 09 – Stories who we are” (to be seen on DAZN) Borussia Dortmund’s super talent Youssoufa Moukoko spoke about his first Bundesliga goal in mid-December last year in a 2-1 draw against Union Berlin.

“I was more happy about my first goal than about my first outing,” said the 16-year-old striker, adding: “The referee said he had to see if the goal was offside. So I said: ‘Please give Don’t give me a heart attack! ‘”

Almost a month earlier, Moukoko had become the youngest Bundesliga player of all time with his professional debut in a 5-2 win at Hertha BSC (16 years and 1 day). “Not everyone can do it at the age of 16. I’m happy about it. My debut in November was wonderful,” emphasized Moukoko. Dortmund’s assistant coach Sebastian Geppert, who already coached Moukoko in the youth, said: “When he stood on the line and I saw his smile on his face, I was of course very happy for him. He did so much for that day. “

Moukoko: “I want to be German champion with BVB”

Moukoko came to Germany from Cameroon at the age of nine, started at FC St. Pauli and moved to BVB in 2016 at the age of eleven. About his beginnings in Cameroon, he said: “I was always number 10. We always won against other cities. I made sure of that. We were a team, but I made the difference.”

Moukoko has now played in the Bundesliga 14 times for Dortmund, scoring three goals. Next season he would like to increase his playing times: “If you always played in your youth and then come up to the pros and sit on the bench, that’s difficult,” he explained and added: “This season I just want to play as much as possible so that I can get my games right from the start next year. “

Moukoko has big goals with BVB anyway: “I’m not concentrating on being the youngest scorer. I want to achieve even more, I want to achieve everything. I definitely want to become German champions with Dortmund.”

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