BV 24/7. Evi Hanssen is enjoying her marriage and Karen Damen has a new hobby | showbiz

BVThe show must go on, because the Showbiz world never stands still. Discover what your favorite BVs have been up to in the last 24 hours here in our news stream.

Kathleen Aerts has exchanged her ‘Villa South Africa’ for a relaxing holiday with her family.

The ‘Uncles’ have something to celebrate. Rik – Willy – Verheyen announces the news that there will be a second season of the program ‘Nonkels’.

‘FC De Kampioenen’ actor marijn – Boma – Devalck had a nice day in Lier.

Klankman Pascal Braeckmanhas enlisted the help of a cyclist Lotte Kopecky.

Presenter Evi Hanssen tied the knot with her Kurt a few days ago. She is still reminiscing and likes to share some photos with her followers.

Ex-K3’tje Karen Damen has found a new hobby: knitting.

Karin Jacobs – mom of jelle in Clara Cleymans – came to see the musical ’40-’45 again with her granddaughter Jeanne.

Singer Camille Dhont has had a great week and shares some highlights.

‘The Lice Mother’ actress Lynn Van Royen enjoy a nice walk with her boyfriend, actor Maarten Boilers.

Gilles – De Mol – Van Bouwel has an Ariel moment in Madeira.

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