Buzova in winter boots and a mini dress rejoices in the heat

Olga Buzova tried on a new summer look. The singer shared on Instagram a photograph in which she poses in a bright mini-dress.

“I also want to walk and sunbathe. But there is no time to even have a bite, non-stop work. So enjoy the beautiful weather for me, my good ones, ”wrote the star.

Selfies of the artist caused a heated discussion among subscribers. Many were amazed that the singer combines a light summer dress with high leather boots.

Olga Buzova in winter boots

Olga Buzova in winter boots

“Such a dress and boots”, “Look smartly”, “Ol, summer is outside. Honestly, Ol ”,“ On the street in June. You are in a summer dress and boots ”,“ Isn’t it hot in boots? ”Wrote the followers of the artist, hinting at her changing the season with their comments.

It seems that Olga Buzova is already somewhat bored with her musical career and she creates singles, as they say, by inertia, not really getting into fiction. Beginning songwriter on his page in the social network has born a new “brainchild” and released a track “Orbits without sugar.”

Previously, the website of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda toldthat Buzova’s example was followed by her ex-colleague in House 2, Ksenia Sobchak, who sang the news.


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