Buzova in a doll mini dress flashed her thighs in a restaurant

The TV presenter, following Ksenia Borodina, chose an elegant outfit for dinner in Athens, but it turned out to be too spicy.

Olga Buzova. Photo: instagram.com/buzova86/

Olga Buzova used to being in the spotlight. Sometimes she herself does everything to be at the sight of cameras. The TV presenter comes to the red carpet or social events in luxurious dresses, but on stage sometimes she performs in revealing bodysuits. This summer, the girl admitted that she recovered. Now she is diligently trying to get herself back in shape. However, this does not prevent her from wearing the same outfits as before.

Olga recently returned from filming in Africa. However, she did not stay in Moscow and arranged a vacation for herself. TV presenter on a private jet nflew to Athens… July 28th in a suit with shorts and a floral print, she walked the Acropolis all day. But in the evening Buzova decided to dress up. She booked a table at a fashionable restaurant overlooking the city center.

The artist put on a black mini dress. The doll-style outfit was complemented by a smartphone bag and stiletto sandals. Olga let her hair down and did evening make-up. She showed off in the restroom, and then in the elevator.

But the TV presenter paraded around the hall in the restaurant in an outfit that barely covered her hips. She sat at a table on the terrace overlooking the city at night.

Fans admired the celebrity’s long legs. Some also remembered that recently Ksenia Borodina also showed up in a black mini dress on vacation. “God, what a thrill”, “Olya, how cool you are”, “Hair to the waist”, “Wasn’t it even shorter?”, “Well, you can see everything! Shame “,” Have you forgotten your panties? “,” Alone, sad “,” Who filmed you? “

Ksenia Borodina. Photo: instagram.com/borodylia/

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