Buzova in a bodice of triangles boldly bared her chest. Photo

The TV presenter surprised fans with her transformed figure.

Olga Buzova. Photo: instagram.com/buzova86/

Olga Buzova for many years he has been broadcasting and starring in various projects. This year she left the show “Dom-2”. The girl decided to change her life. She began to vacation more often abroad, participate in new shows and recently took up pole dancing… For three summer months, the artist recovered, which she did not hide. She wore mini skirts and bold dresses, exposing their legs and hips.

More than once Olga admitted that she had complexes due to her small breasts, but she got rid of them. The TV presenter has repeatedly participated in candid photo shoots. And now she has prepared a new track and decided to publish a spicy shot to announce the news. Buzova appeared in the frame in denim mini-shorts and a triangular bodice, the ties of which she wrapped around the waist.

The artist lit up not only a flat stomach, but also a full bust. She posed at a construction table with a hammer.

Olga Buzova. Photo: instagram.com/buzova86/

“My dear ones, this night from 9 to 10 my new musical story begins. New track, pre-order of the third album and the show “Here I am”, which I am preparing for you. As always, I’m insanely nervous … and I’m waiting for the night to share my new song with you as soon as possible, ”the star wrote.

The fans were amazed at what they saw. Many were surprised to see the bust of the TV presenter. “You look perfect, my dearest!”, “Wow, where did you hide that? There is a breast ”,“ Olya, the breast has appeared, the beauty has recovered ”,“ A spectacular neckline ”,“ But there was no hollow and no, ”“ And what about the breasts? Why are they quadrant. Why photoshop like that, ”subscribers began to comment on the post.

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