Buy cheap Nokia 2.3 and Alcatel 1V from Aldi

If you have a new smartphone at Aldi, you usually don’t have to pay a lot. It is the same with two new offers that are now available from Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord. Because on the one hand you can get the new one Nokia 2.3 secure, but on the other hand is also the still cheaper (and already older) Alcatel To have 1v. However, the latter can only be bought online.

Nokia 2.3 at Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord

It was not until the end of December that HMD Global, licensee of the brand Nokia on the smartphone market, introduced the Nokia 2.3. Now it is on the sales shelves of Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord. And for a price of less than 100 euros. Instead of the regular 129 euros, the entry-level smartphone costs only 99.99 euros as part of a special offer – by the way also with Aldi Talk.

It is important to note that the black and gray cell phone is only equipped with the bare essentials. You have to do without technical highlights completely. Nevertheless, the smartphone can be particularly interesting for children or infrequent users. Because it offers a modern design at a low price. HMD Global also guarantees two years of software updates and three years of monthly security updates.

As with almost everyone Smartphones for less than 100 euros cutbacks can be expected above all in terms of performance. Because not only is comparatively little RAM installed (2 GB), but also an entry-level processor (MediaTek Helio A22). And with 32 GB, there isn’t really much storage space available either. However, at least memory expansion via a MicroSD card is possible; by up to 512 GB.

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The display (6.2 inches, 19: 9 format) is interrupted at the top by a water drop-shaped recess (notch). The front camera (5 megapixels) is integrated here. On the back you can use a dual camera (13 + 2 megapixels). Special feature: the battery (4,000 mAh) is removable.

What is missing? On the one hand, a fingerprint sensor, which can still be tolerated, since the display can also be unlocked using face recognition. But if you are a fan of mobile payment, the lack of NFC will bother you significantly more. Pay with Google Pay is not possible.


Android 9.0


MediaTek Helio A22


6.2 inches, 720 x 1,520 pixels

random access memory

2 GB

Internal memory

32 GB

Main camera

4160×3120 (13.0 megapixels)

battery pack

4,000 mAh

inductive charging
USB port
IP certification

(no protection)


183 g

Introductory price

€ 129

Market launch

End of 2019

But it is not just the question of the equipment that is important. Of course, we would also like to take a closer look at the price at this point. And there you have to certify Aldi: It couldn’t be cheaper. At least from a current perspective. Because other well-known online shops currently charge at least 110 euros for the Nokia 2.3 – plus shipping. So the Nokia 2.3 is a real bargain at Aldi and Aldi Talk.

Alcatel 1V at Aldi Talk

But it is only cheaper in terms of bare figures. If you choose the Alcatel 1V that you can find under order, you only have to pay 69.99 euros. A price that is not unbeatably cheap, however. Because individual online shops offer the Alcatel 1V even cheaper. In some cases, shipping costs are added. And that doesn’t apply when you order from Aldi Talk.

It is almost logical that you can expect a little less than the Nokia 2.3 for less than 70 euros. The display is not only smaller (5.5 inches), it also offers a below-average resolution (480 x 960 pixels). The memory is also limited to 16 GB. Strictly speaking, that’s not enough for a smartphone of the present. Because apps are getting bigger and bigger, and photos and videos also take up a lot of space. After all: You can expand the memory via a microSD card – but also by a comparatively lean up to 128 GB.

The Alcatel 1V at Aldi Talk offers minimal equipment at a very reasonable price.

Also important: you can only use one camera on the back (13 megapixels) and the battery is comparatively small with a capacity of 2,460 mAh. A Qualcomm entry-level processor provides the drive (Snapdragon 429). It is supported by a narrow 1 GB of RAM. This smartphone is also missing NFC and the model sold at Aldi Talk does not provide a fingerprint sensor either. Bluetooth is also only available in version 4.2.

Starter package from Aldi Talk included

There is one on both phones SIM card included in the Aldi Talk prepaid tariff. 10 Euro starting credit are also included. You can also use both smartphones with any other nano-format SIM card.

Are you currently searching Smartphone for less than 100 euros? Then definitely take a look at our current leaderboard. Because here we show you which smartphones up to 100 euros are currently particularly worthwhile. But a look at the can not hurt either best smartphones under 200 euros. Because for not much more money you can sometimes get significantly more performance.

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