‘Buttercup’ Yoon Yeo-jeong “Once again with the cool captain, Director Jeong Isaac”

Yoon Yeo-jeong, the actor of the movie’Minari’, expressed his feelings that he would like to work with director Jeong Isaac.

On the 2nd, Yoon Yeo-jeong shared his thoughts on winning the Golden Globe Best Foreign Language Film Award, saying, “It feels like our’Minari’ team won the soccer game” through the Korean distributor of the movie’Minari’.

Yoon Yeo-jeong expressed his affection and trust for Jung, saying, “Director Isaak Jeong was our captain, and it was a great argument. I also think that I would like to compete with this captain once again. At this age”

Korean-American director Lee Isaac Jeong (Jeong Isaac) wrote and directed based on his autobiographical experience, and received the Best Foreign Language Film Award at the 78th Golden Globe Awards held in the United States on the 28th (local time) of last month.

Actor Ye-ri Han, who went over from Korea with Yeo-jung Yoon and took a breath, said, “Thank you to everyone who worked together. I think the award of’Minari’ has been a good stimulus for many people.”

Han Ye-ri added, “Like the director’s words, I will try to become an actor who can express my sincerity in the language of my heart.”

The movie’Minari’, a warm and plain story of a Korean family settled in Arkansas in the US in the 1980s, delivered news of the Golden Globe award ahead of its release in Korea on the 3rd, and is running at No. 1 with a 34.5% reservation rate as of the afternoon of the 2nd.


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