Butantan has not yet presented data to justify the 3rd dose of Coronavac, says Anvisa

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In a note released this Friday night (3), Anvisa states that the Butantan Institute has not yet presented data to justify the application of Coronavac as a booster dose in vaccination against Covid.

“For Anvisa to decide on the third dose/booster using the Coronavac vaccine, there is a need to present studies and data to support this indication and dosage. These data were not presented by the Butantan Institute”, says the agency, which said it had met today with representatives of the institute.

Anvisa’s note continues: “The decision to recommend a booster dose is complex and requires, in addition to clinical and epidemiological data, a consideration of national strategic and programmatic aspects, as warned by the World Health Organization”.

The health surveillance also said that “there is currently no request [do laboratório] for definitive registration of the Coronavac vaccine at Anvisa. The immunizing agent has authorization for emergency use” —which can be suspended if the Ministry of Health considers that the country has emerged from a public health emergency.

Last Wednesday (1), João Doria announced that he will start applying the booster dose of the Covid vaccine this Monday (6) those over 60 years of age.

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