but who is the rapist of Sète? Our theories!

But who came to cause trouble and panic in the charming city of Sète? Currently in Tomorrow belongs to us, a serial rapist wreaks havoc and attacks several women! Who is he ? Télé-Loisirs.fr led the investigation!

Started almost two weeks ago, the plot “Predator” knew how to provoke its share of emotions in the faithful viewers of Tomorrow belongs to us. A few days ago, Amanda (played by Marion Christmann) was raped by a hooded man. Later, Marianne’s turn (Luce Mouchel) to have been assaulted in the same way. But the police of the police station of Sète have a hard time advancing in their investigation since the aggressor takes care to leave no trace, neither on the scene of the crime, nor on his victims … Who is he? At Télé-Loisirs.fr, we are also investigating! And here are our theories concerning the identity of this individual … Watch out for SPOILERS! If you don’t want to know anything, go no further in reading this paper!

Suspect n°1 : Georges ?

In the episode aired this evening, Amanda remembered that her attacker had a breath that smelled of mint. This important detail came back to him when Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui) comforted her. The nurse then asked her ex-boyfriend to give her a copy of the chewing gum he was chewing. After having discussed it with Marianne, no more doubts to have: the rapist had the same menthol breath. But the reconciliation is a little too easy. And it is hard to imagine Georges making such atrocities … A cop devoted to his work, the young man is also one of the favorite characters of viewers. It is impossible that the authors of the series put it on the dark side. And then in an extract unveiled on Wednesday on myTF1 site, we notice that the hooded man has clear eyes!

Suspect n°2 : Rémy ?

Would Soraya’s boyfriend have twisted? We know that her relationship with Leïla’s daughter is clearly in the process of losing its wings. Could he have gone crazy for that? Rémy (Liam Baty) is also Georges’ recent roommate, so he could very well have borrowed chewing gum from the police. Hence the breath that smells of mint. Finally, the nurse at Saint-Clair hospital has blue eyes! His profession would also have allowed him to know how to erase all traces of these crimes?

Suspect n°3 : Samuel ?

Alcohol, verbal abuse … The gynecologist has plunged back into his old demons since his separation from Leïla! From there to commit the irreparable and rape women of the city of Sète? Although Samuel (Axel Kiener) has many faults, you hardly believe it…

Suspect # 4: a complete stranger!

Last hypothesis (and most likely): the rapist is not yet known to viewers! Difficult to imagine, among the heroes of the soap, who could have violated one of his acquaintances. It is more than conceivable that the writers have chosen the option of the perfect stranger. Moreover, in a new video extract, available on myTF1, the police from the police station think they have found a new common point between the victims, which could tip everything over: they sold furniture to the same individual via the internet. Who is he ? Will he be arrested in the next episodes?

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