Businessman died in Lamborghini. He had previously shared a quote that made him freeze

Pavol Matlák, a Slovak businessman and district chairman of the political party Sloboda a Solidarita, died on Friday evening in a car accident near Žilina. All that was left of his lamborghini were debris. The Slovak website Nový Čas has now informed about the contribution that Matlák shared on the social network before his death.

A few days before his death, a deceased businessman wrote words on a social network that freeze him. “Die with memories, not with dreams,” wrote Pavol Matlák according to the news website Nový čas. Last Friday, Matlák died in a car accident in the cadastre of the town of Dolný Kubín in a lamborghini sports car.

While driving, he collided with Fabia and broke through the barriers. Firefighters had to free Matlák from the car, as did his co-driver. But he survived the accident with injuries. Passengers escaped from the Škoda with only minor injuries.

Matlák’s passion was sports cars. “He loved his children and spent every free moment with them and his wife. However, his passion was fast cars, he replaced several of them, he missed no opportunity to drive. His wife shared the love of cars with him and it was often possible to see them together Unfortunately, this passion also turned out to be fatal for him, “one of Matlák’s friends told New Time.

The car in which he died showed the public less than a month before the accident. He also recently took part in the Rally Radosti charity event. As part of the driving of these types of cars, money is collected for sick children.



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