Businessman creates marketing strategies to boost business

“There is still a very dispersed idea of ​​what online marketing is, and we – in an educational way and through the realization of strategies tailored to each undertaking – we specialize in drawing work routes to achieve specific objectives and, in this way, clarify this new way of selling imposed by the digital age and the pandemic, ”Patiño told DIARIO LAS AMÉRICAS, creative mind and founder of Creatic Miami.

Setting goals, reaching objectives:

Founded three years ago in order to promote and guide small, medium and large entrepreneurs to venture into digital marketing, Creatic Miami It has a portfolio of clients, including the Intercontinental hotel in Doral, Beauchamp Dental, Don Pan, Mofongo’s Restaurant, iBurger, and Denny’s, the chain of restaurants for the Caribbean islands, to name a few brands.

“My years of professional career in the field have shown me that strategy is the fundamental pillar of successful marketing, and that is what we seek to demonstrate to our large and emerging clients, whom we have helped create a solid business structure, that values ​​the importance of marketing in its development ”, said Patiño, who emphasizes that having a clear strategy and following it has been the key for many brands to be able to sustain themselves in the midst of financial depression.

“To maintain their visibility, brands must work and invest in their marketing, and take advice from serious companies – it does not have to be ours – but I always recommend that they look for experts to help them draw a clear work path”, said the creator of Creatic Miami, who acquired much of his sales skills creating unique experiences for the largest casinos in Panama, Colombia, and the Caribbean.

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“Many brands think that online marketing consists of uploading a daily publication to Instagram or Facebook, and many of them tell me: ‘The networks are being done by my cousin, or my niece’, and I ask them, what is there? behind those posts? Because the reality is that there is no clear strategy, beyond uploading content in a disorganized way ”.

Grow in the middle of the crisis:

There is always a moment of crisis in the life of small and medium-sized businesses that brings with it times of change, and it is precisely that moment – in Patiño’s opinion – that should be seen as an opportunity to make decisions that will improve the commercial objectives of a company.

And that is what the pandemic brought, and what forced brands to adapt to new consumer trends to stay current.

“In 2020 there was a lot of uncertainty and a significant number of our clients wanted to stop their digital marketing, and that’s where as a company we made them see the importance of following and being active more active than ever on social media. We create new strategies to be in direct contact with customers, but this time not as brands that seek to sell a product, but to be by their side as people “, said Patiño, who also shares what he considers are the fundamental pillars to undertake in Crisis times.

“You have to be different, do it well and consistently, and never forget to be the best seller of your service or product,” concluded the expert.

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If you want to know more about Creatic Miami visit or follow them on their Instagram account @creaticmiami.


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