Businessinsider: iPhone boom in China: Apple shares reach new record high and Volkswagen and BMW can save their business in China


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10.1. 17:14: iPhone boom in China: Apple shares hit a new record high
Apple sold 18 percent more iPhones in December than in the previous year. The stock exchange responded with a record high for Apple shares.
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10.1. 17:10: Mobility change: How an expert wants to convince you to do without the car
According to traffic researcher Stephan Rammler, better offers should be made first before driving should be restricted by law.
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10.1. 16:59: Bahncard 50 and 25 are cheaper
In future, consumers will have to pay ten percent less for Bahncards 50 and 25. The federal and state governments have agreed on this this week
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10.1. 15:38: Volkswagen and BMW can save their business in China – thanks to a boom
With growing demand for SUVs, they can iron out the general weakness of the world‘s largest market.
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10.1. 14:43: Tiktok star Falco Punch on censorship: “This will be fun for me? do not take”
Falco Punch is one of the most famous Tiktok stars in Germany. Business Insider spoke to him about the chances and dangers of the app.
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10.1. 13:02: “Designed by clowns” – Boeing employees are said to have known about safety deficiencies in the 737 Max
The U.S. Congress has received internal emails from Boeing employees who expressed serious safety concerns about the 737 Max aircraft.
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10.1. 12:28: More and more women sit on the executive boards – but men remain clearly in the majority
An evaluation shows that the proportion of women on the boards of listed German companies is growing. However, men remain in the majority.
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10.1. 11:13: Jump founder Rzepecki leaves the company 18 months after the takeover by Uber
Jump boss Ryan Rzepecki, along with other founding members, left the company around 18 months after it was taken over by Uber.
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10.1. 10:59: Lesara, Von Floerke and Co .: These eight online shops did not survive in 2019
In 2019, some online shops were closed, including well-known brands. We show you eight online retailers that had to close last year.
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10.1. 08:32: This house is built in six hours and costs only 28,000 euros
The smallest model covers 27 square meters, the largest 84 square meters.
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