Business update: Warteg entrepreneurs worried about recession accompanied by pandemic, Sri Mulyani pushes G20 to real action

TIME.CO, Jakarta – The latest economic and commercial news until Friday afternoon 14 October 2022, starting with the story of a worried businessman warteg recession accompanied by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Then there was the news from Sri Mulyani that he pushed the G20 countries to take concrete action and the US stock market strengthened despite skyrocketing inflation. Then there was the news that Jokowi had raised the issues in the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail project and BPOM’s explanation of Mie Sedaap.

The five news items were the most consulted by readers of the Economics and Commerce channel. Here is a summary of the five trending news.

1. Story of Warteg Entrepreneurs Most Concerned About the Recession Accompanied by the Pandemic: Empotan Buying Power

The chief coordinator of Warteg Nusantara (Kowantara), Mukroni, is reluctant to worry too much about dealing with the threat of a global recession in 2023. He prefers to remain optimistic, especially during the 1998 monetary crisis, warteg entrepreneurs have experience and can make it.

Mukroni admitted he was more concerned if the crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic wasn’t over. Indeed, according to him, the 1998 crisis was less impactful than the pandemic which imposed social restrictions and ultimately bankrupted many warteg traders.

From the experience of more than two decades, Mukroni said, warteg entrepreneurs have learned. He also believes the culinary business will survive.

Read more on pandemic here.

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