Bus drivers want the mask for all young people

The president of a union that represents school bus drivers in Quebec City would like the wearing of masks to be compulsory for all students who board vehicles.

The current directive stipulates that only pupils of the third cycle of primary school (5th and 6th years) as well as those of secondary are obliged to wear the face covering.

“We start from a bubble, which is the school bus bubble, to move into several bubbles at school. I see the risks of the virus spreading there, ”says Hélène Thibault, union president at Autobus Tremblay.

On the other hand, the drivers of school vehicles represented by the CSN Federation of Public Service Employees denounce the lack of information, transparency and clarity on the part of the Minister of Education Jean-François Roberge.

Several questions remain unanswered believes the union and the drivers do not feel “reassured”, underlines President Stephen Gauley.

“In addition to having to enforce distancing, unions are also concerned about the vagueness surrounding the procedures to be followed. If a pupil shows up without his mask or refuses to wear it, what is the procedure to follow? ” he asks.

It also invites the service centers to take note of their responsibilities regarding the elements of protection for workers in the sector, who have the power to enforce certain measures such as the installation of walls, which would increase the number of workers in the sector. students per vehicle.

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