Burning Crusade Classic pre-expansion patch announced

A Blizzard has just released an expansion patch for World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic announced for June 1st. With it, the champions of Azeroth gain new resources and content to start their preparation for the adventure in Outland.

In this patch, fundamental systems of Burning Crusade Classic are already functional, including the possibility to create bloody and draeneous elven characters, even before the world launch of the game. For a limited time, players can also participate in the pre-launch event, Battle of the Dark Portal, in which High Lord Kruul and demonic invaders charge against Azeroth.

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Starting today, WoW Classic players can:

• Choose an era: players will choose whether each character advances to the Burning Crusade Classic or whether to continue their adventures in the Classic Era;

• Play with new races: it is now possible to play from level 1 with the bloody elves of Silvermoon and the drains of Exodar in the new starting areas of each race;

• Learning a new profession: it is now possible to learn Jewelery and reach level 300 in the profession;

• Test new talent systems: players can better understand the changes made to the characters’ talent trees and test new arrangements and skills;

• Access digital packages and optional services: optional and additional services are now available for players to be able to embark on adventures in Terralém in style, when Portal Negro opens on June 1st. Between them:

  • Black Portal Pass: players can use the pass to upgrade a character to level 58 (limit of one per account; unavailable for new races; valid only in Burning Crusade Classic realms), giving him equipment, a mount, consumables and a sum of gold – everything needed to dive headfirst when the Dark Portal opens;
  • Deluxe Edition: includes the Dark Portal Pass, 30 days of play, the Redesperto Dimensional Hunter mount for Burning Crusade Classic and the superior Viridian Dimensional Hunter for modern WoW players, the Black Portal Backstone and the toy Illidan’s Way;
  • Character Clone: ​​the optional service allows you to play with a copy of a WoW Classic character on both a Burning Crusade Classic and an Era Classic server

For more information on the pre-expansion patch: https://worldofwarcraft.com/pt-br/news/23671134/o-patch-pr%C3%A9-expans%C3%A3o-de-burning-crusade-classic-est%C3%A1-quase-chegando

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